Complete Pest Control for South Australia

At Shane Clifton Pest Control we offer a wide range of solutions available to solve your pest problems, whether it be domestic or commerical. We treat for flies and spiders, rodents, bees and wasps, mosquitoes, bed bugs, earwigs, cockroaches, black ants, and termites.

Termite Inspections and Pre-Purchase Inspections are also available, and we offer non-invasive and invasive options, depending on your problem and requirements.

Here at Shane Clifton Pest Control we understand the negative impact pests can have on your business or household. We aim to reduce your distress as fast as possible with advanced pest control services. Whether it be anything from ants to rats, pests can cause diseases and damage property. If not dealt with immediately, the consequences can be costly.  Rest assured we are here to help and produce successful pest free results. Shane Clifton Pest Control should be your first contact for all your pest control needs.

Reliable Assistance

Our qualified and experienced pest management technician is on call to provide you with a prompt and reliable service. Your problem is now in his hands. We pride ourselves on delivering an efficient and professional service. We offer complete pest control and ultimate customer satisfaction.

Affordable Prices

At Shane Clifton Pest Control we offer an affordable service to protect your valuable assets, and family. Call now for more information and to book an appointment.

Safe Protection

A worry for many when contemplating engaging a pest control service is the use of the repellents themselves. We use only industry-approved products, and adhere to all Australian Standards to ensure our methods are completely safe. There is no need to worry about side effects impacting the safety of your clients, children and/or pets. Our fully qualified and experienced pest management technician is available to answer your queries should you require further information about the products we use and our methods.

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